Welcome to Gary’s $$$ and Sense Blog… Improving Financial Literacy One Post at a Time

Why did I create this blog 

I have often said that an educated customer will in the long-run be more financially successful. 

This blog is my contribution to improving your financial literacy.

Also, I believe Canadians want and need simple, straightforward ideas on how to improve their financial lives. I have long subscribed to the notion that simpler is better when creating recommendations or plans for people to follow. So I have attempted to provide simple solutions to improving your finances.

This blog will have ideas on Investing, Retirement Planning, Wealth Protection and much more

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I welcome comments, or ideas for future blogposts.

If you want to contact me, just click this link for details

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Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds provided by the Fund Companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Other Products and Services are offered through Gorr Financial.

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